Energy Saving Tips

Posted on: March 28th, 2017

energy savingIt doesn’t take much to reduce your energy use every month and you may even see a savings on your energy bill, too. There are lots of very easy things you can do to reduce your energy use in your home or office. Here are some simple energy saving tips that anyone can use.

Switch to energy saving light bulbs

If you aren’t already using energy saving LED light bulbs, go and buy them. They burn just as brightly without using as much energy as their old-fashioned counterparts. If you have lights that stay on all day, or if you have family members who forget to switch off the light when they leave a room, these bulbs can provide a big energy saving.

Take advantage of natural light

If you have a room that gets lots of natural light during the day, take advantage of that and open up your curtains or blinds to let the light in. You won’t have to use as many electric lights in that room and you’ll save on your energy bill.

Unplug energy ‘creepers’

You may have appliances that are sneakily using electricity even while you’re not actively using them. These energy ‘creepers’ waste electricity and drive up your energy costs. DVD players, computer printers, cable or satellite boxes, clock radios, microwaves with a clock, and computers are among some of the biggest energy-stealers in the home. Unplug these when they’re not in use and you’ll stop the wasted electricity they pull when sitting unused.

Install a programmable thermostat

If you’re not home, you shouldn’t be heating and cooling your home as though you were there. The same thing applies to when you’re sleeping–if you raise the temperature on the thermostat by a few degrees during summer nights and lower it a few degrees during winter nights (while you’re sleeping comfortably in your bed), you can reduce your energy bill.

When you leave your home to go to work or school, set the thermostat to go slightly higher in the summer and slightly lower in the winter. You can set it to switch to a more comfortable temperature about half an hour before you expect to be home. This limits energy waste and keeps you comfortable when you’re at home.

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